Formmail changes

Because of recent and sudden changes made by some of the larger ISPs (Road Runner, Earthlink, etc.) we are forced to take a more aggressive, pro-active approach to removing insecure/old versions of formmail. Without making these changes it only takes one "bad" formmail script to potentially disrupt the email sending capabilities of an entire server. These changes will be made to the 2 kinds of formmail calls used: forms that reference the global, cgi-sys formmail, and those that call a formmail script located in the account's cgi-bin. The common change for both types of formmail uses is in how forwarding the form info to off-site email addresses is handled.

You will not need to make any changes if: If the "recipient" email in the form (the email address the form info is sent to) is "@" the same domain as the form is on (  You must setup the From address to be from an email address from the domain.

You will need to make changes if: If you want to recieve info gathered by a form at an off-site email address you will need to change the recipient email to one "@" the same as the domain of the form location ( and forward that box to the offsite email, which can be set in your mail manager.

The simplest fix: Make sure that for whichever you use (cgi-sys or your local cgi-bin) that you have the form's "recipient" be an email "at" your domain name (

More information on using Formmail can be found in the following link:

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