Spam and Virus Filtering - Barracuda

With SPAM often accounting for up to 90% of the email traffic on the internet, it is essential that counter-measures be put in place to keep email as viable service. As a preferred email hosting company, Alentus has made a significant investment in cutting edge anti-spam technology to ensure that our email systems remain viable. We have chosen a premium product recognized industry wide as the best anti-spam / anti-virus firewall device - Barracuda ( To ensure that email is delivered to your mailboxes in as timely a manner as possible, with the least amount of Spam and Viruses possible, we have put multiple Barracudas in place per Mail Server.

You may notice a few messages in your inbox which have "[Spam]" added to their subject line. These are messages that fit enough criteria for the Barracuda to suspect it as spam, but not enough for it to be sure it is spam. We have adjusted the Barracuda to error on the side of caution with such messages and have them delivered. If you find that most of the messages suspected of being spam, are spam, you can setup a filter in your mail client to move them to a folder automatically. If you are receiving messages that are not spam but are labelled with "[Spam]" in the subject line you can safely ignore the warning. Since the Barracudas are continueally being updated with the latest detection algorythms, chances are good that this condition will not persist for long.

Even though the Barracuda units block some viruses we still recommend that every computer should have an up to date virus scanner running on it at all times.


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Does Barraduca have a feature that allows for the end-user to identify spam, specifically by often used phrases or strings? Is it related to the Roaring Penguin CAN-IT online application that Alentus contracts out to?
Frederick R. Converse (June 12, 2015 at 10:38 PM)

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