Free CGI Scripts

Note:  We do not do any debugging of CGI Scripts that you place on our servers including the programs that we supply below for your use.  You should be an experienced programmer before attempting to use any CGI scripts.

What free cgi scripts are available for use?

Below is a list of free cgi scripts that we have used and found to be easy to use, easy to configure, and secure. Each zipped file includes a readme file with directions.

Meta Tag Search v1.1
This is a wonderful script that searches pages by their meta tags. Very quick and accurate.
Guestbook v2.3.1
This is a standard guestbook script. is installed in the cgi-bin directory of every account.  Read the page for how to implement this script.
Implementing Email Form Scripts
WWWBoard v2.0 Alpha 2
This is a standard web board script
Hit Counter
Hit Counters are easily installed in your control panel.  Just click on 'counter' then follow the onscreen instructions.

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