Procedure for "Manually" adding a user in Windows Server 2003 and SharePoint 3.0

To add a SharePoint user, first create a user using "Computer Management" and then add that user to SharePoint from within the SharePoint program itself.

Steps for Creating a User in Windows Server 2003

1. On the server desktop: Click "Start" | "Programs" | "Administrative Tools" | "Computer Management".
2. Click on the "+" next to "Local Users and Groups".
3. Right-click on "Users" and select "New User".
4. Enter a username, this will be the users login username and password (twice). Fill in the "Full Name" and "Description" field as appropriate.
5. Uncheck "User must change password" and select "password never expires".
6. Click on "Create".

Next, add the User in SharePoint:

1. Login to SharePoint as an administrator
2. From "Site Actions" select "Site Settings" | "People and Groups" and click "New".
3. You can use the “Browse” (little book icon) and/or “Check Names” (next to “Browse” icon) features or just type in the user name. Choose “Permission” settings as required. Uncheck “send email”.
4. Click “Okay”. If the window does not appear to change, check back at the top in the “Users/Group” field. If user is underlined in red and the text below the box reads “No exact match found”, correct the mistake and click “Okay” again.

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